Welcome to Serendipity Studios
Ceramic sculpture & pottery by Sue Smith

Basic clay vases or bowls reflect natural forms seen in the living world. My abstract figures usually start as sketches from life or may be based on detailed life models to capture a tender moment and evoke a sense of calm. It’s about how a combination of curves can harmonise and result in some form of emotional resonance.

  • Opened in 2013 in a recently converted ancient Essex barn, near Saffron Walden.
  • Working studio for ceramic sculpture and pottery
  • Abstract figures based on life models
  • A range of bowls and vases
  • Residential ceramics workshops : Ceramics appreciation & exploring new techniques

Open weekends 2015

25th - 26th April  and 2nd - 3rd May. Open from 11am to 6pm.


Why Serendipity?

Coined by Horace Walpole in the mid-18th century and derived from an ancient Persian fairy tale, the Three Prices of Serendip (the word represents those accidental but fortuitous discoveries which inevitably delight us. It’s a favourite word of mine and sits well with my sense of good fortune.

Anyone who has worked with clay, whether creating functional pieces or ornamental vessels, figurative or abstract sculptural pieces, will have experienced the delight, and sometimes frustration, with a medium which can take on a life of its own, at times with interesting results. To control the clay and achieve the desired effects we need to understand and work in harmony with its curious properties of form and movement. My ‘Serendipity’ bowls evolved from one such curious accident in the classroom.