The Studio at North End Farm

North End Farm is now a family home. The house first appeared on maps in the late 18th century but seems to have had farm buildings here before this. It was a working farm and part of the Audley End Estate until about 40 years ago.

The studio is in a large timber framed Essex barn, parts of which date back to the early 17th century. The entrance hall is open to the roof and the upper gallery, a lovely space in which to relax and for exhibiting art work. The studio itself is small and rather quirky with views over the fields on one side and out to the orchard on the other.

My work: For me, working in clay offers infinite possibilities. I am fascinated by the chemistry and physics involved in the process but what I really love is the way curved surfaces flow into each other and how even a simple form can evoke an emotive response. My abstract figures originate from life images. It may be a life model in a relaxing pose, a photograph of people unobserved or a tender moment sketched from life.

Workshops: Please email me for news of workshops and to let me know your interests. These will be for small groups only and will vary in style and content to suit your needs. The main theme will be to share an enthusiasm for ceramics in relaxing surroundings and to explore new possibilities.

Parking: There is parking space for a few cars. Visitors are asked to be watchful for dogs, small children and various other creatures. At busy times visitors should be able to park at the recreation field, just as you turn into North End. Please avoid parking in the lane itself.